The central province of Quang Tri and its Lao neighbouring locality, Salavan on June 29 agreed on wide-ranging cooperation for 2011-2013.

The two localities signed an agreement a talks, which was held as part of the two-day visit to Quang Tri by a Salavan delegation headed by Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Bouasy Khiemmani Khansay.

Quang Tri pledged to allocate 6 billion VND (nearly 300,000 USD) for projects with Salavan in education and training, healthcare, agriculture, or construction of infrastructure in border areas during the period.

It will continue supporting Salavan in personnel training and human resource development, and work on development models in the fields of industry, agriculture, healthcare and education.

The two provinces agreed to create conditions to facilitate investment and business of their enterprises and individual investors, especially in trade, tourism, services, rubber and forest plantation, construction of hydro-power plants and animal husbandry in Salavan.

They also agreed to continue with cooperation in security and national defence, especially in the upgrade and thickening of markers on the Vietnam-Laos borderline.

In the 2009-10, Quang Tri doled out 1.5 billion VND to help Salavan build schools./.