A delegation from Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment led by Minister Nguyen Minh Quang arrived in Laos on July 2 for a two-day visit to promote environmental cooperation between both countries.

At his meeting with the Lao Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoli, Quang said he hoped that the two Ministries will step up cooperation to celebrate Vietnam-Laos Friendship Year 2012.

Quang said that they will discuss how to manage, use and develop the Mekong River ’s water for the mutual benefit of both countries as well as the Mekong River sub region.

Vietnam is willing to share its experiences with Laos and carry out joint initiatives in the fields of geology, surveying, environmental protection and training to step up the operational effectiveness of both ministries, said Quang.

Laoli praised the recent assistance provided by the Vietnamese ministry, and said he hopes Vietnam will continue to support the ministry in the future.

The Lao leader also applauded the cooperation plan between both ministries in the future and said this will bring a range of benefits for both countries.-VNA