Vietnamese diplomats have applauded the efforts of Venezuela and Syria in ensuring human rights at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Oct. 7.

While delivering a speech on Venezuela’s human rights situation, Ambassador Vu Dung, Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the UN, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva, spoke highly of its achievements in economic development, education, healthcare, clean water supply, ensuring social security, reducing social inequality and accomplishing the UN Millennium Development Goals.

He also recommended Venezuela to adopt measures to strengthen the law-governed state and democracy, reduce poverty, enhance social equality and ensure food security for all citizens. The implementation of policies to protect vulnerable groups in society, particularly women, children, the elderly and the poor, should be prioritised, Dung said.

Earlier, a Vietnamese representative also praised Syria’s endeavours to ensure human rights, especially in economics, social affairs and culture. The representative welcomed the country’s joining in international conventions on human rights as well as its commitments to conduct political reform.

The delegate expressed concern over increasing violence in Syria and took the occasion to call on concerned parties to put an end to conflicts and violence and seek political solutions through constructive dialogues and national reconciliation to bring Syria soon return to normal.

The delegate also suggested Syria increase measures to protect vulnerable social groups, especially women, children and the elderly./.