Vietnam and Mexico have agreed to promote bilateral cooperation in healthcare, especially in community-based healthcare and detoxification treatment using acupuncture.

The two sides reached consensus on the issue during a visit to Mexico of Prof. Nguyen Tai Thu, President of the Vietnam National Association of Acupuncture, from May 23 to June 1.

Thu, who is also General Director of the Vietnam Centre for Acupuncture Training and Application, held working sessions with Carlos Tena Tamayo, Head of the National Addiction Commission and leaders of Nuevo Lon and Zacatecas states. He was also received by Senator Alberto Anaya, Secretary General of the Mexican Workers’ Party.

At the meetings, the two sides discussed issues related to the use of acupuncture for detoxification, Vietnam’s experience, and prospects for bilateral cooperation in detoxification as well as training and exchange of delegations.

They agreed to carry out a project to use acupuncture for detoxification in Monterrey city with the participation of the Vietnamese experts, Mexican acupuncturists and representatives of relevant ministries and departments.

During the visit, Prof. Thu attended the inauguration of a detoxification centre for disabled children in Zacatecas state where he was conferred the “Honorary citizen” title by the local authorities and gave a lecture on acupuncture at the Alcocer Acupuncture Association in Mexico City