The Vietnam Military History Museum received nearly 30 objects donated by war veterans, high-ranking officers, painters, and sculptors across the country on February 3.

The objects feature those from modern wartime, including mails, diaries, binoculars, net rope hammocks, and medals.

They are also fine arts pieces depicting the country’s resistance wars, such as the paintings – “Dien Bien Phu tren khong 12 ngay dem” (12 Days and Nights of Dien Bien Phu Air Battle) by Nguyen Son Ka and “Lich su da chung minh” (History has proven) by Tran Thi Bich Hue, and the sculptures – “Noi dao xa” (Far away islands) by Luu Thi Thanh Lan and “To quoc” (The Homeland) by Vu Quang Sang.

The donated objects will be exhibited in the museum as well as themed exhibitions to educate young generation on the country’s history and tradition.

Established in July 1956 in the central Hanoi, the Vietnam Military History Museum is among seven national museums of Vietnam.

The museum contains a remarkable collection of war relics and photographs from Vietnam’s long struggles for freedom, where visitors can learn about guerrilla and communist troops and the history of the present Vietnam People’s Army.

It also has a large collection of preserved military wreckage displayed outside in the spacious courtyard.

The museum is viewed as a must-see site for visitors to Hanoi.-VNA