Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Luong Thanh Nghi on August 3 reaffirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of protecting human rights and improving people’s living standards when answering reporters’ inquiries on the US House of Representatives’ adoption of Vietnam Human Rights Act 2013 (H.R.1897).

“Vietnam has attained many achievements in ensuring human rights in all fields ranging from civil society, politics and economics to culture and social welfare that gained international recognition and appreciation,” said the spokesperson.

Upholding human rights is a key factor contributing to Vietnam ’s success in its Renewal process over the past years, Nghi added.

According to the spokesperson, Vietnam and the US have so far maintained regular dialogue mechanism on human rights. The dialogues, which based on straightforward, constructive and mutual respect spirit, play an important role in enhancing mutual understanding and further developing the Vietnam-US ties for the benefit of both nations.

“The erroneous and prejudiced information on the practicing of human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam indicated in the H.R.1897 bill does not reflect correctly the real situation in Vietnam, and is not in line with the development of the two countries’ relations,” he stressed.-VNA