The Vietnam-Republic of Korea (RoK) Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation held its sixth session in Hanoi on Nov. 1.

Head of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology’s International Cooperation Department Mai Ha said Vietnam wants to further cooperation with the RoK in science and technology, especially in sci-tech management, bio-technology, medicine-pharmacy, information and communications and new energy.

The two sides will sponsor bilateral sci-tech cooperation and organise human resource and technology exchange programmes in the fields of environment and green chemicals and on the development and utilisation of bioenergy.

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology and the Chemical Society of Vietnam will organise seminars on green chemicals twice a year.

The Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology prioritises assessing the joint environment research on Vietnam’s coast using remote sensing technology. The Korea Research Foundation and the Vietnam Science and Technology Development Fund will promote cooperation to enhance management capability.

Vietnam and the RoK will also expand the current joint committee for science and technology cooperation into the Vietnam-RoK committee for education, science and technology cooperation./.