Vietnam and Russia held a conference in Hanoi on April 3 to step up their economic development and work closer together to develop new technologies.

This is the main reason for the visit from the Russian Federations parliamentary delegation, from April 2-6.

At the event, both delegations discussed the development of Vietnamese-Russian relations in the science and technology sectors as well as measures to boost cooperation between the parliaments of both countries.

Valery Aleksandrovich Chereshnev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Science and Advanced Technologies, said that the Duma, or parliament, has adopted two bills on nuclear energy and advanced technologies, opening up many opportunities for both countries to work closer together in the future.

Russia confirmed it will continue its support for Vietnam in training specialists at universities in Russia , he said.

Dang Vu Minh, Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Science, Technology and Environment, said he hopes that Russia will expand its working relationship with Vietnam in areas such as the transfer of technologies, providing specialist training to scientists and technicians and exchanging information.

Apart from cooperating more in science and technology, Vietnam and Russia have enjoyed a boom in economic cooperation, mainly in energy, but also in telecommunications, transport and the oil and gas industry.

Russia has also made efforts to increase investment in Vietnam ’s industries.

Both delegations plan to step up moves to fully tap into each other’s potential and strengths in research and the application of modern technologies.-VNA