The relationship and multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand have been blossoming, benefiting the people of the two countries.

Thai Ambassador to Vietnam Annson Chivanno made this affirmation at a get-together marking Thailand ’s 84 th National Day (Dec. 5, 1927-2011) in Hanoi on Dec. 2.

Addressing the meeting, President of the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association (VTFA) Ta Quang Ngoc emphasised that the people of the two countries have a long tradition of deep understanding, friendship and exchanges, thanks to the similarity in history and culture.

He expressed sympathy toward Thailand ’s losses caused by recent floods and showed his admiration for the Thai people for their bravery during the disaster. He hoped Thailand will soon overcome post-flood difficulties and restore production.

On the occasion, VTFA called for donations to assist flood victims and collected 500 million VND./.