Vietnam is able to produce 31 million tonnes of bio oil per year from straws, one of the agricultural by-products normally burnt up after crops.

The conclusion was made by scientists from the Vietnam Petroleum Institute and the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology at a recent conference of the oil and gas sector.

Scientists said the bio oil, to be created by pyrolysis, will serve as an alternative fuel or may be used to produce petrol and diesel in the near future.

The pyrolysis of other agricultural by-products such as bagasse, corncobs, and rice husks also saw satisfactory results, they added.

This method not only creates bio oil that replaces other traditional fuels but also helps reduce pollution caused by the burning of straws and bagasse, thus protecting the environment.

Scientists estimates that around 62 million tonnes of straws, bagasse and corncobs are created from agricultural production in Vietnam each year.-VNA