Peacekeeping mission should be carried out in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the universally recognised guidelines, said Vietnamese Ambassador and charge d’Affaires to the UN Hoang Chi Trung.

At a UN Security Council debate on “United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” in New York on June 29, Ambassador Trung said the complex and multidimensional mandates, the more unpredictable security environment and the mounting pressures of the global financial crisis on peacekeeping missions require the harmonious cooperation among the UN members, regional organisations and the international community to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of peacekeeping operations.

“Troops and police-contributing countries (TCCs/PCCs), most of whom are non-aligned and developing and bear the overwhelming majority of human and material costs of missions, should be involved early and fully in the preparation, planning, monitoring, conduct and evaluation of peacekeeping operations so that their operational experience and intellectual input can contribute to the decision-making and policy formulating process at both Headquarters and in the field,” he said, adding it is crucial to strengthen the triangular communication amongst troops and police-contributing countries, the Security Council and the Secretariat as laid out in Security Council resolution.

Ambassador Trung said however, that for the specific limits and comparative advantages that they possess, peacekeeping operations should not be considered a panacea to the definitive settlements of conflicts.

“ In the final analysis, the lasting solution to a conflict means that we have to go beyond military and security measures, incorporating broader and more effective long-term responses that address to the root causes of a conflict and promote national ownership of and contribution to future stability.

It is in this context that the Organization’s potential on parallel tracks should be further strengthened, above all in the areas of preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention, mediation, peacemaking and peacebuilding, ” he said.-Enditem