A symposium on caring and educating autistic children in Hanoi on March 12 brought together Vietnamese and American health and education experts, government officials and parents of autistic children to discuss issues of diagnosis, intervention treatment and education.

The event was jointly organized by the US Embassy in Hanoi, the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and US-based Autism Speaks.

It aims to provide insight into autism in Vietnam, to raise public awareness of the disease, to discuss challenges faced by parents and children, and to advocate for policies that support and facilitate inclusive intervention and education for Vietnam’s autistic children.

The seminar lays a foundation for cooperation between the Vietnamese government, health experts, and non-governmental organisations to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families by facilitating partnerships, research, support, and services.

At the event, Director of the special education research centre of the Vietnam Education Science Academy Le Van Tac emphasised the community’s indispensable role in caring and educating autistic children.-VNA