A solemn ceremony was held in Kampong Chnang province, Cambodia, on June 21 to repatriate 11 sets of remains of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers, who laid down their lives in an international mission during the past war in Cambodia.

The remains were the final batch found by joint search teams from Kampong Chnang province of Cambodia and Military Zone 9 and southern An Giang province of Vietnam from 2003-2011, implementing an agreement signed between the Vietnamese and Cambodian governments.

During the period, joint search teams found 240 sets of remains of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers in the province.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Tut Marim, Advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen, said that Cambodians would never forget the great misery they experienced during the Pol Pot genocidal regime.

He said the whole nation of Cambodia always remembered the huge sacrifice by the Vietnamese Government, army and people that helped liberate them from the cruel Pol Pot regime./.