Vietnam News Agency and the Public Relations Department (PRD) of Thailand agreed to foster links to popularise information on the ASEAN Community and promote relations between the two nations.

The two sides will continue cooperating in the fields of news and video exchanges, language training, and a possible joint production project to mark 40 years of diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Thailand.

The consensus was reached by VNA Deputy Director General Ngo Ha Thai and PRD Deputy Director General Charoon Chaisorn during the 12 th Joint Technical Committee (JTC) meeting in Bangkok on July 15.

The two sides reviewed the results of implementing their cooperation agreement over the last 12 years, highlighting the efficiency and significance of their links, including enhanced professional exchanges.

Increasing VNA-PRD cooperation will contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries and peoples, they noted.

According to VNA Deputy Director General Ngo Ha Thai, the two sides effectively implemented their cooperation programmes, fostering information popularisation and promoting images of the land and people of Vietnam and Thailand.

Deputy Director General Charoon Chaisorn, for his part, spoke of the intensive cooperation between his agency and VNA, expressing his desire that commitments made at this year’s meeting will strengthen connections within plans for the ASEAN Community, which is scheduled to be formed by the end of this year.

The VNA and PRD signed an MoU on cooperation in information and news exchange in 2003, expanding the two agencies’ links to various fields such as exchanges of visit and news and video, and language training.

Cooperation between the media agencies under the Vietnamese and Thai Governments is in line with the set plans to bring the bilateral relations to a higher level in the future.-VNA