Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has totally rejected news information carried by several foreign news agencies and media organisations about the situation in the border district of Muong Nhe, in the northwestern province of Dien Bien, as erroneous.

In recent days, several foreign news agencies and media organisations have continuously reported wrong news on what happened during the so-called “unrest” of the Mong ethnic group in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province, and said authorities used force to disperse the “unrest” and “many Mong people were arrested and even died”.

In fact, from April 30 to May 6, some extremists in several localities in Muong Nhe used cunning to incite and cheat about the appearance of a “supernatural” force, to lure and coerce thousands of Mong people from everywhere into gathering in Huoi Khon village, in Nam Ke commune in Muong Nhe, in order to execute a scheme to undermine the great national great unity bloc.

Accordingly, some elements conducted extremist acts such as forming their own management wards with guards, blocking ordinary travel and daily activities of local people in the area and operation of local authorities, detaining on-duty officials and expressing conditions and claims against laws.

In the context, local authorities used information dissemination and without the use of force organised working teams of mass organisations to help the people understand the scheme of these bad elements and to voluntarily return to their residential areas. They provided medical care and treatment for those who were ill, especially the elderly and children, to ensure security and order there.

Mong families from other localities have returned to their residential places. The local authorities provided means of transport, money and food for them to return safely. Nobody was reported wounded or killed. A few elements who committed acts violating laws were temporarily detained for educating.

The situation in Muong Nhe returned to normality. People of ethnic groups in Muong Nhe are now actively preparing for the elections to the 13th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2011-2016 term.

VNA has affirmed the Party and State’s consistent policy of ensuring the rights and benefits of people, the freedom of belief and equality of ethnic communities while resolutely defending the solemnity of the laws.

Vietnam has always implemented policies prioritising investment in and developing the ethnic minority-inhabited areas and remote and difficulty-ridden areas.

In fact, ethnic people in Muong Nhe district have benefited from programmes and projects supporting socio-economic development, housing, transport, clean water, schools and health care. The material and spiritual life of the people there has seen changes in recent years.

The authorities of Muong Nhe and Dien Bien do not bar any organisation or individual who wants to make a field trip to inquire into the facts in an objective and accurate manner and in accordance with legal regulations./.