More cooperation between the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) and Thailand’s Public Relations Department (PRD) will contribute to foster bilateral relations between Vietnam and Thailand, as well as to ensure a strong ASEAN community in the future.

VNA’s General Director Nguyen Duc Loi and PRD’s General Director Teerapong Sodasri made the remarks during their talks on June 6 as part of the 9 th session of the VNA-PRD Joint Technical Committee in Ho Chi Minh City .

They reviewed the extent of the cooperation, including the exchange of text contents and multimedia information, visits by reporters and joint working when providing language training for reporters.

Information on Vietnam and Thailand has been publicised through various channels, including the written press, e-newspapers as well as the VNA and PRD television channels, they said.

Both leaders agreed to increase the frequency of information exchange and diversify the forms of text and multi-media information in the future, in addition to updating the kinds of cooperation in line with the development of VNA and PRD.

They pledged to support each other’s reporters to work in each others countries, so both agencies can access accurate, up-to-date and objective information on each other’s political and socio-cultural situation in the coming time.

At the end of their talks, both leaders signed the minutes of the meeting and agreed to hold the 10 th session of the VNA-PRD Joint Technical Committee in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013./.