Scholarly works featuring Vietnam-Laos, Laos-Vietnam special relations for 1930-2007 were announced at a press briefing in Vientiane on June 7.

These include books on the history of Laos-Vietnam and Vietnam-Laos relations, Party and State documents, chronicles of events, memoirs, pictorials and a documentary called “The epic of Vietnam-Laos relations”.

At the briefing, Nguyen Bac Son, Deputy Director of the Commission for Popularisation and Education under the Vietnamese Party Central Committee affirmed that these works were of political, scientific and educational significance and made strong contributions to boosting Vietnam-Laos special ties.

Bosengkham Vongdala, member of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Central Committee said Lao will have a plan for dissemination of these products via mass media to help Lao people gain a deeper understanding of Laos-Vietnam ties.

Bosengkham Vongdala, who works as Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, also said that his country will include those products in academic programmes for Lao schools./.