The Vietnam Post and Telecoms Group (VNPT) and Intel Semiconductors Vietnam (Intel) will work together on the research and development of new technologies to diversify their service packages.

Under an agreement signed in Hanoi on August 6, both parties will create models of cooperation amongst VNPT’s subsidiaries, computer companies and credit institutions to launch packages such as PC/ADSL or PC/3G with preferential prices to meet consumer demands.

They will also work together to develop technologies to target the health, education and training sectors as well as small and medium sized enterprises.

Added to this, Intel and VNPT will introduce new integrated Teleinformatic service packages like the information technology (IT) outsourcing service or software as a service.

Intel will also support VNPT’s software manufacturers in the R&D of new products and services, giving VNPT the chance to attend conferences held by Intel or Intel Vietnam ’s partners to keep them updated with the latest information technologies.

The joining up of the two leading giants in the IT industry will bring about a breakthrough in Internet broadband development in Vietnam , said Navin Shenoy, Intel Vice President and General Manager of Asian Pacific Sales and Marketing.

He also promised to cooperate with VNPT to further Vietnam ’s IT industry.

The Vice President of VNPT, Nguyen Ba Thuoc stated that this strategic cooperation will help to improve quality and diversify service packages to meet an increasing domestic demand.

Intel is the world’s leader in silicon innovation and technologies. During its 12 years in Vietnam , Intel has contributed a lot to IT development in the country, and has become a reliable partner./.