Many foreign reporters covering the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) have shared their positive assessments on Vietnam ’s developments over the past years.

Reporter Carneiro Gustavo from the Communist Party of Spain’s Avante newspaper said that his first impression when coming to Vietnam is the country’s gigantic socio-economic development achievements.

He stressed that under the leadership of the CPV, the Vietnamese people have overcome many difficulties and affirmed its role and voice in the international arena. “Therefore, we will try to give information about Vietnam , the CPV and its 11 th congress as much as possible,” he added.

Granting an interview to the Quan doi Nhan dan (People’s Army) daily, Chief Representative of Cuban news agency Prensa Latina in Vietnam and Southeast Asia Charly Morales Valido said that Vietnam has been successful in economic reforms while still maintaining the objectives, principles and viewpoints of socialism.

He said the thing he admires most is the building of a socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam and the country’s achievements over the past time are valuable experiences for the implementation of reforms in Cuba .

While applauding Vietnam ’s achievements, especially in agriculture, A.Chiconcela from Mozambique ’s Bullentin Information newspaper said that besides reporting the CPV’s 11 th National Congress, he will together with his colleagues introduce more about the country and people of Vietnam , thus helping strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the two countries.

Reporter Kazuhisa Miyake from Japanese news agency Kyodo, who has covered four consecutive congresses of the CPV, stressed that the 11 th congress is very important for the CPV as well as for Vietnam as it will discuss and decide development orientations for the nation in the next stage.

“ Vietnam is renovating and we are sure that Vietnam will continue its renewal process,” he shared.-Enditem