Rainbow Chapel, a communal building made of recycled materials in Ho Chi Minh City’s outlying Binh Chanh district, topped the list of the 20 most ingenious works of architecture in 2014 elected by the US-based Huffington Post magazine.

The chapel was designed by a21studio as a community centre where people can participate in activities such as conference, weddings and exhibitions or enjoy light coffee and snacks.

The steel frame and metal sheets, used to build the 140 sq.m structure, were leftovers from the owner’s previous projects, allowing the building to be constructed on a tight budget.

Three layers of printed fabric cover the windows, creating a rainbow of light inside, while a tree-shaped steel column supports the roof.

The building accommodates a café, and has recycled furniture. Its kitchen and utility areas occupy a triangular space along one side.

The multi-coloured masterpiece also won the “World Building of the Year” Award at the 2014 World Architecture Festival in Singapore.-VNA