The Association of Vietnamese Businesspeople in France on August 13 raised 2,650 EUR to support Agent Orange/dioxin victims the home country.

Nearly 100 members of the association and representatives from a number of other organisations joined in the fund-raising ceremony, in response to the call from the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange /dioxin (VAVA) and the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Speaking at the ceremony, both General Secretary Nguyen Quang Van and President Vu Xuan Nhan of the association highlighted the humanitarian activity and hoped that the small sum of money will help reduce difficulties of the victims in daily life.

In 2007, the association presented 100 wheelchairs worth 5,550 EUR to AO victims. In 2008-2009, the association also raised 7,250 EUR and in 2010, it collected 300,000 EUR which will be used to build houses, classrooms and hospitals to support the unfortunates and the poor./.