Following rising global gold prices, domestic gold prices continued to climb strongly on August 22.

By 2pm the same day, domestic gold prices ranged from 48.20 million VND to 48.75 million VND per tael in buying and selling prices, respectively, an increase of 900,000 VND per tael from the morning and 1.25 million VND per tael from August 19. One tael is equal to 1.2 ounces or 37.4 grammes.

Jewellery trading companies also extended their buying and selling prices gap from 400,000 to 500,000 VND per tael on the day.

In total, since the last week, the domestic gold price had risen by 4.53 million VND per tael and since the beginning of this month, it had risen by 8.6 million per tael./.