Vietnam and Switzerland ’s economic and trade relations have been developing sustainably despite the global economic crisis, said the Vietnamese Commercial Affairs Office in Switzerland.

According to the office’s statistical data, Switzerland had 61 projects with a total investment capital of 1.38 billion USD and a total registered capital of 1.01 billion USD until the end of December last year. The country was ranked 19 th among countries and territories that have foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam .

Among the projects are 29 industrial and constructional projects, with a registered capital of 538 million USD; 5 agricultural projects, with a total registered capital of 106.8 million USD; and another 18 in the services sector with a total investment capital of 78 million USD.

Most of the investments from Switzerland are under the join-venture form, totalling 473.6 million USD. The rest are wholly-foreign investments with a total registered capital of 249 million USD.

Swiss investors have been operating in 12 localities in Vietnam . Southern Kien Giang province’s total Swiss investment capital is the highest in the country, particularly due to having a large-scale project worth 441 million USD.

In the context of the global economic recession, Vietnamese exported products to Switzerland are maintaining a high speed of growth. The number of exported staples such as shoes, textile products, seafood, processed foods and electronic components are on the rise./.