Thirty five years have passed since the genocidal regime was abolished in Cambodia, but memories of the fight against the brutal Khmer Rouge remain deeply ingrained in the mind of voluntary Vietnamese soldiers.

With over 11 years of fighting in Cambodia, former Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu said in response to the appeal for help of the Khmer United Front for National Salvation, the Party, State, people and armed forces of Vietnam exercised their legitimate self-defence rights and helped the Cambodian people escape from the genocidal regime.

He emphasised that the help is provided in the spirit of international solidarity, and at the same time, it is also for defending our own nation.

Following the liberation of Phnom Penh on Jan. 7, 1979 , the Vietnamese volunteer soldiers not only helped Cambodian revolutionary forces chase down the remnants of Pol Pot forces but also joined hand in restoring the normal life for Cambodian people during the following 10 years.

Le Duy Nga, former commander of Battalion 4B, Division 379 recalled the barbarous crimes of the Pol Pot regime he had witnessed with his own eyes during over two years of fighting in the country. He said the Cambodian people collaborated closely with Vietnamese soldiers in wiping out the vestiges of the genocidal system.

Nguyen Thanh An, former deputy commander of the General Department of Logistics’s transport regiment, said thanks to enthusiastic support of the Cambodian people, his regiment was able to avoid the enemy’s ambushes, ensuring supplies of medicine, ammunition, fuel and basic necessities for the battlefield.

At the same time, the Cambodian people have also borne in mind the sincere help of Vietnam. Without Vietnamese volunteer soldiers’ help, there would not be the present Cambodia , said Deputy Prime Minister and Chairwoman of the Cambodia – Vietnam Friendship Association Men Sam An.

She expressed her hope that both peoples will continue to cooperate and assist each other to foster strong bilateral ties.-VNA