Ho Sinh, a fisherman from central Quang Ngai province, has had a 45-year attachment with the Truong Sa fishing grounds. As his boat is now plying the waters near Song Tu Tay island in Truong Sa archipelago, he and his shipmates have decided to dock on the island to cast their votes.

All preparations for the elections have been completed at islets, Sinh Ton and Song Tu island communes, and Truong Sa township in Truong Sa island district.

Among the voters are young soldiers casting ballots for the first time. They feel proud at being able to fulfil their voting rights on the Fatherland’s sacred islands.

With new resolve and momentum, people and soldiers on the islands of the Truong Sa archipelago are eagerly awaiting the country’s “great festival”. The election is even more meaningful when held on the Fatherland’s sacred seas.

The National Election Council has allowed the central province of Khanh Hoa to conduct early voting on May 16 in 20 constituencies on the islands of Truong Sa township and Sinh Ton and Song Tu Tay communes. In other parts of Truong Sa district, voting will be on the scheduled day, May 23.

Participating in this significant national event, people and soldiers on Truong Sa believe that their votes will help select representatives that will contribute to the cause of keeping the peace at sea and protecting national territorial integrity. Voters also hope that their aspirations and wishes will be given due attention and care from those who will be voted in as deputies./.