The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation (VUFO) should strengthen the link between people-to-people diplomacy and State diplomacy, helping create a peaceful and stable environment for the national construction, development and defence.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made the request while working with the VUFO in Hanoi on June 4.

The Government leader affirmed that people-to-people diplomatic activities have made great contributions to the struggle for national independence in the past as well as to the current socio-economic development achievements.

They have also helped international friends understand more about the land and people of Vietnam , he added.

According to VUFO President Vu Xuan Hong, the VUFO now has 97 member organisations. Over the past years, the union has set up a network of international partners, including thousands of organisations and individuals in all continents.

Besides activities for peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation among people, the union plays an important role in mobilising foreign non-governmental aid. Disbursement of this source of aid has amounted to 3 billion USD since 1992, mainly in overcoming war consequences, poverty reduction, health care, education, environmental protection and emergency aid after natural disasters.