Wages of bank employees rise hinh anh 1A transaction office of Vietcombank (Photo: Vietcombank)

Hanoi (VNA) - Commercial bank employees received an average monthly wage last year of 13-23 million VND (590-1,045 USD), up 1-4 million VND against 2014, thanks to banks’ better performance.

According to the latest financial reports released recently by 11 banks, employees at Vietcombank got the highest monthly average wage of 22.7 million VND, up 4 million VND. The bank's 14,750 employees also achieved the highest productivity in the domestic banking system, with each employee generating 36 million VND in profits.

Techcombank also reported an average wage rise of 2 million VND per month last year, helping more than 7,600 of its employees to receive 21 million VND as monthly salary.

Though it recruited an additional 3,400 employees last year, VP Bank's monthly average salary still rose by 3.3 million VND to 18.3 million VND, thanks to the bank's profits of 2.395 trillion VND last year.

The average salaries at BIDV, Vietinbank, VIB and MB also remained high between 17million VND and 19 million VND per month.

Though the business results were not as good as expected, the wages at Eximbank and ACB still rose by 3 million VND and 1 million VND to 14.5 million VND and 15 million VND, respectively.

During the year, employees at Sacombank saw their wages fall by 1.3 million VND to touch 13 million VND due to the bank's merger with the ailing Southern Bank.

A report recently released by Navigos Search showed finance and banking topped the list of 10 industries that offered the highest salaries to mid-level and senior managers in 2015. Though the finance and banking industry was facing a slew of challenges, it gave monthly wages of 100 million VND to 200 million VND to mid-level and senior employees in northern Vietnam last year, followed by the manufacturing and real estate sectors.

Navigos Search also said finance banking will be also one of the four industries that will have the strongest recruitment demand this year.

A survey, conducted by the State Bank of Vietnam's (SBV) Department of Monetary Forecast and Statistics in Q4/2015, also shows that thanks to last year's growth, the labour demand of banks is also expected to increase this year.

According to the SBV survey, 64.2 percent of the institutions said they will recruit more people in 2016, with 50 percent saying the recruitment will be made right in the first quarter to allow them to seize new opportunities.-VNA