Despite the over four decades since the American resistance war in Vietnam ended, its consequences linger in ways words can hardly describe. There are now sites that can help both local people and visitors get a better understanding of the war, including the War Remnants Museum and Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City.

The War Remnants Museum, situated right at the heart of the cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City, delivers information for half a million visitors each year on what Vietnamese people went through during the American resistance war, and how this traumatic event still impacts many lives today.

The museum not only provides a space for the remnants of war, but also evokes patriotism and love for peace among people, particularly youngsters.

Another site of importance is the Independence Palace.

This site marks the dramatic conclusion of the American resistance war as tanks crashed through the main gate on the morning of April 30, 1975.

Today, it is a fascinating destination for visitors in Ho Chi Minh City and a must-see location for history buffs.

To today’s younger generations, what happened in the past might sound just like a distant story, yet for the many people who have lived through it, the horror has not ceased. The undeniable significance of peace rings clear with these memories. –VNA