The seventh annual Waste Recycling Day was held in Ho Chi Minh City on April 20, aiming to raise public awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling waste – known as the ‘3Rs’.

Organised by the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the event attracted thousands of students and young people from every corner of the city.

Nearly 30 pavilions at an exhibition during the day were set up to feature various environmentally friendly recycling technologies and products, along with places for the exchange of recyclable waste for goods.

In addition to guiding local people how to classify solid and recyclable wastes, the organising board showed documentaries related to recycling waste in Vietnam and the world.

Dao Anh Kiet, Director of the department, said through the collection of hazardous household and solid wastes, the event aims to encourage local people to conduct 3R activities to protect the environment, and transform the city into one of the leading localities in the country for limiting the burial of waste in the ground.-VNA