Chairman of the People's Committee Nguyen The Thao has asked Hanoi's Water Company to meet residents' demand for clean water this summer.

He met with the company officials recently to discuss a plan to supply water to the residents of the capital city in the coming months.

It is estimated that demand for clean water will increase by 5 to 7 percent, or 40,000 to 60,000cu.m. per day.

Thao said that power supply has rather been smooth, although it's just the beginning of the summer. If power is switched off, it will affect the functioning of water pumping stations, he said.

Requesting for aggressive measures, the chairman asked water supply units to check their pumping stations, water pipe systems, and distribution systems. If the water transmission and distribution system develops any hitch, timely action should be taken to solve it, he stressed.

The company should also anticipate water cuts in certain areas and make alternative arrangements, such as distributing water on water tank trucks.

Thao also called on relevant agencies to ensure a strict monitoring of clean water wastage and encourage residents to save water.-VNA