As many as 44 inland waterway traffic accidents were recorded nationwide in the first half of this year, killing 33 people, injuring eight others and causing about 2.7 billion VND in property losses, according to statistics from the Department of Waterway Traffic Police.

The figures showed nine cases higher and three deaths lower than those of the same period last year.

As many as 82 drowning deaths were reported for the period made review, together with five firing cases, two working accidents and 24 maritime accidents with 19 people dead and injured, said the department.

Major causes of the accidents were violations of traffic regulations with 25 cases, unqualified safety conditions of vehicles 24 cases, collision three cases, and overload two cases.

The department in conjunction with localities handled and fined 91,200 violations of waterway traffic regulations and paid to the State treasury 50.9 billion VND.

At the same time, they also ensured safety for more than 180,000 tourists and over 18,000 vehicles, as well as hundreds of thousands other vessels during their operations.-VNA