Cambodia's GDP growth will reach 7 percent to 15.65 billion USD in 2013, thanks to continued increases in tourism, agriculture, garment and construction, according the World Bank's economic outlook report issued on April 26.

The report said the country’s tourism and agriculture will continue to see strong performance, while garment industry is likely to benefit from improved confidence of customers in the US and the Euro zone.

The construction sector is also forecast to enjoy growth but at a slower pace, it added.

In addition, Cambodia will continue to curb its inflation rate at around 3 percent this year, according to the report.

Speaking at the closing of the annual conference of the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture on the same day, Prime Minister Hun Sen said the country recorded an economy growth of 7.3 percent and a GDP per capita of nearly 1,000 USD in 2012. Its poverty rate fell to 20 percent.

He affirmed that Cambodia will get out of the status of a low-income to a lower-middle-income country by the end of this year, with its GDP per capita is predicted to reach 1,080 dollars.-VNA