The World Bank is expected to grant nearly 8.53 million USD to help ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands province of Dac Lac to develop agriculture in a sustainable manner.

The project will support and enhance the planting of coffee bushes and avocado trees and the breeding of wild boar, as well as promote the trading of products made from them.

It will also help to create an association that will liaise between both farmers and local businesses who hope to raise profits and boost sustainable agricultural development by meeting the local demand for these types of products.

The union project will be carried out across 370 family households in the region from now to 2013. It will provide farmers with training courses on intensive cultivation technologies that conform to the world-wide coffee certification programme “UTZ Certified”.

It will also help farmers to build pigsties, provide them with breeding stock, increase their capacity to manage their financial affairs and promote their products before their products are traded on local markets.

Local people will also get assistance to grow avocado trees with the DAKADO trademark./.