The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a credit worth 25 million USD to help Vietnam carry out a project to better manage trans-boundary water resources and climate risks through river basin approaches and improve water resources data collection, analysis, and exchange.

The project is the second part of a 4-phase programme named “the Integrated Water Resources Management Project”, which establishes key examples of integrated water resources management practices in the Lower Mekong basin at the regional, national, and sub-national levels, thus contributing to more sustainable river basin development in the Lower Mekong.

The project will provide support for the institutional development of integrated water resources management in Vietnam’s part of the Sesan-Srepok Basin, while helping the country establish a water resources monitoring network at the border areas with Cambodia and Laos in the Lower Mekong region and a water resources information system in the region.

It will also contribute to strengthening the hydro-meteorological information network, flood forecasting and warning system in the Central Highlands.

The credit comes from the WB’s International Development Association (IDA).-VNA