The World Bank (WB) on Feb. 14 affirmed it will continue assisting Vietnam in coping with risks of urban flooding through loans, technology support and analysis.

The WB pointed out that Vietnam is among the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters, especially floods, which are encroaching on cities as the country’s urbanisation proceeds rapidly.

In a recently released book entitled, “Cities and Flooding: A Guide to Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century”, the WB recommends some priorities in policy to help Vietnam and other countries deal with the challenges of floods.

In the context of growing pressure from economic development causing higher risks of flooding to urban residents in Vietnam, it is a critical need to integrate flood risk management into regular planning of cities and towns.

The WB has provided 161 million USD to a project on natural disasters management, aiming to improve the disaster warning system as well as disaster mitigation infrastructure. In 2010, it offered an additional 75 million USD to activities in post-disaster reconstruction./.