Da Nang port city is one of three cities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) benefiting from a World Bank (WB) funded project on the use of Trace software for long-term energy development.

Ranjan Bose, a senior energy expert from the World Bank, said the Trace software will provide an overview on the efficiency of energy use as well as calculate the levels of impact on the environment caused by energy consumption, based on energy use data.

The world’s largest development bank will make recommendations on measures to increase efficiency in the use of energy on the basis of the overview and calculations, the WB expert said.

The WB has also pledged to call for foreign investment in other energy projects to help the central port city improve energy efficiency.

In furtherance of the project, the WB will hold a training course on Trace software know-how for 15 key officials in the city on April 25.

The project is part of the Global Initiative programme launched by the World Bank three years ago in an effort to support cities to use energy in a sustainable way./.