The Prime Minister has approved the Sustainable Agriculture Transformation Project funded by the World Bank (WB).

The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the agricultural restructuring plan by building capacity, stimulating organisational development of the sector and re-organising production to increase value added and sustainability of rice and coffee sub-sectors in the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands region.

It contains four components: i) building capacity and stimulating organisational development in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and its selected provincial departments, project participating provinces and value chain players (including banks); ii) enhancing sustainable development in rice production; iii) enhancing sustainable development of coffee production; and iv) providing necessary tools and training to monitor and manage the project.

Project provinces include five Central Highlands provinces and eight Mekong Delta provinces.

The project will run through 2020 at a total cost of 301 million USD, including a 250 million loan from the WB, 38.7 million USD sponsored by the private sector and the remaining balance from the State budget.-VNA