The Thai army said on January 22 that they have discovered weapons and explosives being transferred to the capital Bangkok, amidst an upturn in violence at anti-government demonstrations.

“An ill-intentioned group is mobilising weapons and bombs to stir up violence and attack its rivals,” commented Thai army spokesman Winthai Suwaree, without identifying the group responsible or their target.

A 60-day state of emergency came into force in Bangkok and nearby areas on January 22 to deal with the mass protests. Under the decree, a Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) was set up.

CMPO Director, Minister of Labour Chalem Yubamrung, said the police will be the key force responsible for ensuring security in the city while the military will step in if needed.

He also pledged that the Thai government will act within international law and not use undue force or disperse the protesters.

On the same day, the protesters attacked the Royal Thai Police Headquarters to disrupt the ongoing police operations. Around 500 members of the Students and People Network for Thailand besieged the office, preventing governmental officials from working there.

China is the latest country to call for a peaceful end to the crisis, with spokesperson Qin Gang calling on relevant parties in Thailand to find consensus through talks, allowing the country to restore stability and order as soon as possible.-VNA