BKAV on July 3 warned that a critical flaw in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) across supported versions of Windows is affecting about 32 percent of the Vietnam 's Government web servers.

The vulnerability allows attackers to remotely execute a code on an unpatched system that is Remote Desktop enabled, the Hanoi-based company said.

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, which is disabled by default on newer Windows installations, allows users to remotely connect to Windows' desktops or servers, and is widely used by enterprises.

Microsoft in March asked system administrators to apply its latest update as a "special priority" given the nature of the flaw, but about one-third of Government web servers in Vietnam are still vulnerable, BKAV said.

According to the internet security firm, attackers may well develop a code similar to the Morto worm that appeared late last year.

Morto infected machines using RDP and allowed remote attackers to access the file systems of a Windows PC.

"The weak management of server security in governmental organisations is at an alarming level, which could also threaten national security," Nguyen Minh Duc, head of BKAV's internet security department, told Vietnam News.

BKAV said it had sent warnings to administrators of 520 Government websites ending with.gov.vn.-VNA