The Ministry of Education and Training launched a website at , aiming to aid the organisation and management of professional activities in the educational and training sector. The site, supported by a modern IT infrastructure built by the military-run telecom group Viettel , is expected create a dynamic and effective education environment to facilitate easier access to education programmes for everyone.

At the launch ceremony held in the northern province of Bac Giang on October 31,
Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan emphasised the significance of the network in not only serving the organisation of further training for teachers but also in arranging “creative experience” didactic activities for students at schools.

Accordingly, the Ministry, along with educational departments and offices and schools, will be responsible for managing and running the website and monitoring activities and related results of the system’s users at their management-level.

Teachers, who are members of the network, will have online training courses to better their professional skills. Meanwhile, member-students will implement assignments tasked by their teachers as well as taking tests available on the site.-VNA