The coastal route in Ninh Thuan province is known as the most beautiful one of its kind in Vietnam. For many years, this place has always been one of the must-see destinations for tourists to visit and explore.

In the previous report, we introduced you to the southern part of Ninh Thuan. So what is it about the 60km-long route to the north of this land that many people should not miss?

The first destination is Vinh Hy Bay, which is considered one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam, about 40km to the north of the Phan Rang-Thap Cham city center. Vinh Hy Bay is well-known for its natural landscape that combines the majestic mountains and the poetic white sand.

Coming here, it is not difficult to find a canoe to explore the bay which costs about VND120.000(US$5) per guest. Right after leaving the wharf, we are immersed in the freshness of the sea. There are many activities to experience such as visiting Turtle Island where has a beautiful natural beach with white sand and colorful seashells. Not far away from here, tourists can see the natural coral reef. You just need to take a long breath and then face down in the water to admire the colorful corals like flower petals of the ocean. Besides, sitting on a floating raft on Vinh Hy Bay to enjoy fresh seafood is also an unforgettable experience.

If Vinh Hy Bay is a "dreamy paradise" of white sandbanks, only 8km to the south, Hang Rai is known as a majestic, rare and impressive "paradise" that makes everyone surprised at the first sight.

According to local people, this place had housed many species of otters, which made the name Hang Rai (Cave of Otters). Because of special geology, Hang Rai has a large and flat limestone surface that has been eroded by waves and seawater for hundreds of years. Coming here, visitors can hear the sound of the wind and waves during day and night, creeping into each rocky hole like a melodious song of the sea.

The final destination of the journey is a place filled with fresh flavors - Ba Moi vineyard. About 7km from Phan Rang-Thap Cham city, the vineyard of Uncle Ba Moi is always busy every day welcoming tourists to visit and discover the most famous specialty in Ninh Thuan.

Tourists can experience many emotional states while discovering this route, from poetic to imposing landscape, the fresh and sweet of fruits. All seem to be different, but strangely harmonious in the trip to explore the northern coast of Ninh Thuan. All the things are imprinted in the mind of the tourists once they come to this "heaven on Earth."