Before "The white silk dress" and "Rom" successfully introduced the Vietnam film industry to the world, Vietnam had another masterpiece, yet is quiet and simple compare to other movies: "When the tenth month comes"- a film by Dang Nhat Minh.

The story is about Duyen-a woman who lost her husband during the war. She did not want to tell everyone especially her weakened father-in-law. Until she could not keep the secret anymore, everything seems broken.

Although the script is simple and there is no gunfire during the whole film, it can still describe the brutality of the war.

Critics claim that Duyen’s eye contact whenever she thinks about her husband is truly the highlight of the movie, and it took many tears from many generations.

Not just domestic, the movie was successful in international stages and convinced international critics, claiming the awards in Hawaii, Moscow, and Nantes International Film (1985) and many certifications worldwide./.