Mui Ne is not just famous for its beautiful beaches but also white sand dunes which are the most outstanding sandy hills in the central province of BinhThuan, attracting visitors from both home and abroad.

The White Sand Dunes are about 65 km away from PhanThiet city to the northeast, located in BacBinh district.

Previously, when these sand dunes were a big lake, people built a sand dam across the lake. The name White Sand Dunes originates from the sand’s colour. They are also known as BauTrang or White Lake.

On top of the hills, visitors can see a spectacular view of sunset reflecting off the lake’s surface. In summer, lotuses bloom around this lake, colouring the beauty of the White Sand Dunes.

Nguyen TrongNghia – Visitor from Ho Chi Minh City

It’s the first time I have come here, it’s very beautiful and interesting. It’s also the first time I’ve tried to ride motorbike  on sand, I’m nervous but excited.

Ha Nhu Minh Tuyen – Visitor from Ho Chi Minh City

Riding  motorbike on sand dunes is very scary, I felt palpitations but it’s exciting. The place is a beautiful spot for people to visit.

One of the most exciting tourism services in Mui Ne is riding jeeps around these sand hills. This is a cant miss activity at the White Sand Dunes. The wonderful feeling of riding along sand hills while contemplating the scenery is unforgettable.

Xing Dong – Visitor from Hong Kong

The sand dunes have existed for thousands of years. They bring an infinite source of sand while the BauTrang or White Lake brings fresh water to locals, creating picturesque and poetic scenery.

Once visiting Mui Ne, visitors should not miss dropping by these unique white sand dunes. It will make the trip more meaningful and memorable.-VNA