White -eared night heron (Gorsachius magnificus), a bird species that was previously thought to be extinct in Vietnam , has been found in the Ba Be National Park, according to Director of the park Nong The Dien.

The bird only lives in China-Himalayas subtropical zone and Indochinese tropical-wet forests.

According to the Birdlife International, the Ba Be National Park is home to more than one percent of the bird population worldwide. It is estimated that only 500 individuals of the bird exist worldwide at present.

The park is also home to some animal species threatened with extinction on global scale such as Cu ly lon (Nycticebus bengalensis), Khi mat do (Macaca artoides), Gau ngua (Ursus thibetanus), Cay van (Hemigalus owstoni), Ca coc bung hoa (Paramesotriton deloustali Black langur with white cheeks) (Semnopithecus francoisi), Ba ba tron (Pelodiscus sinensis)./.