The WHO has highlighted the crucial improvements Vietnam has made to encourage more people to donate blood across the country.

Vietnam has increased the volume of blood it raises by voluntary donations from 30 percent to 90 percent of the total needed to service the country’s healthcare establishments. Over the last ten years, the total blood donation rose from 268,394 units to 776,420 units of blood in the reviewed period.

On the occasion of World Blood Donors Day (June 14), the WHO appealed to people across the world to donate more blood on a regular basis.

The WHO launched the World Blood Donors Day in the hope that more countries will meet their domestic demands for blood. Currently 62 countries are self sufficient in blood supplies.

Nearly 470,000 people die in developing countries each year due to blood shortages.

The WHO emphasised that the demand for blood has soared rapidly in every country, so more donors are required but more essentially, more regular donors are needed to save lives.-VNA