Thanks to growing rare and wild orchids, residents in Di Linh district, Lam Dong province have improved their livelihoods tremendously. With each orchid worth from a few million to several hundred million VND, life is better.

Di Linh wild orchids, the unscented dendrobium, or Gia Hạc, bloom in spring, while other varieties of orchids blossom in summer. With hundreds of varieties, the rarest and most prestigious ones are those with colour changing petals.

Di Linh locals used to grow orchids for leisure, however, once they saw the available varieties of wild orchids on the locality, they started growing, collecting and selling them. Although the name indicates these orchids grow in the wild, most of them now can be created in labs or through manual processes at home.

Gia Hac rare orchids can earn locals as much as several billion VND annually, much higher than growing coffee trees. In order to meet market’s demand, many orchid farms have been established to provide consumers the highest quality orchids, both in terms of seeds and flowers. This also acts as preservation for rare and wild orchids’ varieties from going extinct./.