The Central Committee of the Women’s Union held a meeting in Hanoi on April 10 with international sponsors in a bid to further boost cooperation for the advancement of Vietnamese women.

Speaking at the event, Union Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa underlined the union’s pivotal role over the past years and its achievements in encouraging and supporting women, exercising their legitimate rights and supporting their material and spiritual lives.

However, many challenges still lie ahead. Women and children under its care have a variety of different social and education backgrounds, and reside across the country. Social awareness of gender equality and women’s progress has improved, but it is still lacking in some localities, while the union is short of qualified staff.

To address the issue, the chairwoman hopes to receive greater support from organisations and agencies inside and outside the country in the coming time to help the union improve the capacity of its staff.
At the event, international partners showed their determination to strengthen cooperation with the union for the advancement of Vietnamese women and gender equality.- VNA