Many people flock to Chu Văn An Temple in Thanh Liet Commune, Thanh Tri District every year to attend the new-year writing festival. Intellectuals and students wholeheartedly offer incenses and report to Chu Van An, the great teacher of Vietnam their achievements during last year and their prayers for the upcoming 365 days. Time flies but the new-year custom of collecting calligraphic words written in ancient Vietnamese – Chinese script has become a deep-rooted tradition still remains among Vietnamese people.

Mrs Pham Thi Binh, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi said her family often comes here on the fifth day of Tet to ask for words of wisdom from elder teachers, so that her children may have their blessings for good grades throughout the upcoming year.

The event began with a purifying ceremony to pay tribute to Chu Văn An, who was known as “a role model for teachers throughout the ages because of his moral standards and excellence in teaching.

This year, Hanoi Department of Education and Training has chosen the word of “Learn” to kick-off the new-year writing festival.

Mr Chu Xuan Dung, Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training expressed during this event, they often wish for a successful year for Hanoi’s citizens, especially teachers and students. He expressed his hope that the New Year bring everyone best lucks in career and educational paths.

After the collective rituals of New-Year writing, participants come for elder teachers for their words of wisdom.

The festival aims to promote learning and respect for knowledge. It is also the occasion to remind youths of their roots, promote their patriotism and morality.

Mrs Ha Minh Tam, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi told that she had just asked for the word “Học”, or studying. She also hoped all the best will come along with her children's studying.

The festival ended with joys and hopes. Holding their faith that every good thing during the year is entailed by good deeds on the first lunar days, people keeps participating in such meaningful activities on yearly basis.-VNA