Workers welcome early Tet on oil rigs hinh anh 1Oil workers welcome Tet on projects at sea (Photo: VietnamPlus)


Hanoi (VNA) – For those working at sea, Tet (Lunar New Year) festivals far from home and New Year eves are the most memorable experiences.

During these days, as people nationwide were busy preparing for a full and cozy traditional Tet with their families, spring was coming closer for workers on oil rigs at sea.

Spring gifts at sea

Engineers and workers of the central technology platform No. 2 gently removed cords tying branches of mai (ochna) flower.

Vice head of the central technology platform No. 2 Nguyen Son Truong said that even though preparations for Tet on the oil rigs are not as careful as on the mainland, workers can enjoy Tet thanks to due attention of leaders and federations of labour.

As Tet drew closer, shipments were constantly sent to the oil rigs. They included pots of ochna, peach blossoms and orchid, chung (squared sticky rice) cakes, fruits and traditional confectionery, among others, coupling with sentiments of people on the mainland. 

This year, more than 100 engineers and workers stayed at the central technology platform No. 2 during Tet. All of them have considered the place as their second home. Together, they cleaned up the whole place, leaving space for ornamental flowers and trees.

The common room where everyone gathers to celebrate New Year’s eve was the most beautifully decorated. Thorough preparations expressed a common wish for a new year of fortune, safety and efficiency for the “shared house” and to all members.

Workers welcome early Tet on oil rigs hinh anh 2People make preparations to celebrate the Lunar New Year on the platform (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Working with Vietsopetro for more than 23 years, Truong has forgotten how many Tet holidays he has experienced on the platform.

Whenever a new lunar year comes, workers gather on the common room, receiving lucky envelopes from senior officers and wishing each other a happy lunar new year, he recalled.

Afterwards, people take turns being on guard and wishing good luck to each unit on the platform. At all locations, workers and engineers must ensure perfect operation of the system.

Delegations of leaders of the platform arrived at the venue to wish everyone a happy new year and gave out lucky envelopes to labourers working on the nightshift.

To create a New Year atmosphere, traditional dishes were served on the platform starting from the 12th month of the lunar year, especially on New Year’s Eve dinner.

Enjoying Tet while not neglecting duties

Bustling work atmosphere is seen on constructions at sea of the oil and gas sector as usual even Tet is near. Everyone is absorbed in their duties as the sound comes out constantly from hand-held radio receivers.

For the 30-year-old central technology platform No. 2, even though operations are kept stable and efficient over the years, aged machines pose safety hazards. Therefore, due attention has been paid to ensuring safety, especially in the pre-Tet time.

In 2019, the centre produced 890,660 tonnes of crude oil, 18 percent higher than the yearly plan. Over the years, it has been named as an outstanding unit in terms of production and training of new workers, fulfilling all of its tasks.

Leaders of the platform have paid special heed to reviewing the machines’ safe operations and work schedules during Tet holidays.

Officers and engineers were asked to review firefighting system as well as conditions of devices, clean the rig and disseminate safety guidelines.

Every task is properly assigned to each personnel and team to make certain that the platform will enjoy safe and effective operations during Tet.

Workers welcome early Tet on oil rigs hinh anh 3Workers of Vietsopetro on the platform (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Despite challenges at sea, workers on the central technology platform No. 2 show their positivity, confidence and determination that operations in 2020 will be smooth-sailing./.