Social scientists from the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Netherlands, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China and Vietnam gathered for an international workshop in Hanoi on November 7 to discuss the development trend of modern families in Vietnam.

The event was organised by the Institute of Family and Gender Studies (IFGS) under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

IFGS Director Nguyen Huu Minh said the workshop is a good chance to assess and analyse achievements and challenges in building and developing the family in Vietnam in the Renewal period, particularly over the past decade.

At the event, Vietnamese scholars focused on analysing structure, function, value and diversification of families in Vietnam as well as policies and action plans for family development in the country.

Meanwhile, foreign guests discussed the important role of public policies in enhancing gender equality and policies on care in socialist countries.

Participants said that knowledge of changes in family size and structure in all countries in the context of modernisation and integration is an important foundation to map out measures to develop well-off, modern and happy families in Vietnam. -VNA